Established for over 25 years, Selectron has become a pioneer in the sector with its investments and firsts in the fastener industry. Selectron builds its business strategy on providing innovative and market-leading products that make a difference in competition, and this is achieved by investing in quality assurance systems and human resources. The Company strives to perfect all its production and service processes in order to keep its place in the forefront of the industry.

Our production plant is based in Silivri / Istanbul less than an hour from the International Istanbul Airport. Our production team consists of technical men with 12 years experience in the industry in average. Our focus is on self drilling, self tapping, roofing, chipboard, concrete and wood screws.

Selectron branded screws are well-known for their quality and product variety. Our company provides service with quality production, economic price, timely delivery and production understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction.