Dear Customers,

Selectron Ltd., which was established in 1991, is working for manufacturing, import and distribution of industrial products. Selectron Ltd. Şti, with 20 years experience and past, is a well known company in windows and furniture sectors.Our company, is the industry's largest provider of fasteners and screw in particular. With the quality and variety of “Selectron” branded screws that distributed by our company, Selectron has an enviable reputation in the sector.Our goal is to become leader in each sector that our products could be served with our service oriented business understanding. We believe that we achived this goal that we set for fastener industry. Our product range is furniture, wooden and PVC Windows, aluminium facades, hardware and decoration markets oriented. Common sense in these markets is that competition is just price oriented as the products are standart items. We, as Selectron, believe that we made accepted Selectron brand with the business quality beside the continuity of product quality.

Sole Distributorship by Selectron:

* SELECTRON brand fasteners

* WACKER brand of silicone and hybrid products

* FELIX brand siliconized sealant

* FOFMANN brand chemical anchors

* HOFMANN brand PU sealants

* HOFMANN rapid adhesives brand MDF Kit

* HOFMANN brand contact wood adhesives

* HOFMANN brand PU foam

We hope to cooperate with you and we want to let you know that we will be your assistance for commercial and technical issues on behalf of our sales team.

Selectron Sales and Marketing Team